This small ecological affordable home consist out of six identical circles. These circles forming a flower. The central circle lay a little higher than the other circles, this results in plenty of sunlight from above into the areas below. The size of this building lays between a tiny house and a normal house in. For some people is a tiny house just a bit on the tight side and a normal home too expensive. Then is this small ecological affordable house the solution. The floor plan is designed according to our vision, it can be adapted to the wishes of the future owner.

The house will be optimally positioned in relation to the sun, this allows us to use passive energy. Besides this the home is optimally insulated; the walls with hemplime, floor with shells and the roof with a wood fiber board. Finally, the property can be self-sufficient, but this brings it pricey systems along with it (solar panels, collectors, heat recovery systems, wetland, composting toilets, rainwater harvesting, heat pumps, etc.). We kept the building technology as simple as possible, in order to create affordable housing.

The walls are finished with a stucco of lime and a brick plinth. The finishing of the floor is composed out of a deck floor of lime. The interior walls are finished with stucco of clay or lime. The supporting elements are made of native wood. The roof is covered with sedum or tiles and the roofline consist out of modified native wood. Finally, the windows and doors are made of Accoya wood with optional triple glazing.

Basically a HEALTHY, ecological and affordable house!

Type:  Small home
Status:  Design
Contractor:  n.b.                           
Advisors:  n.b.
Team member:   Nick van Dijke
   Daan Donkers

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