Eco-Life Centre “De Ommekeer”

the health center Consist out of 12 consists out of 12 circles with different functions: a bed and breakfast with complementary bio-therapeutic group practice, organic and ethereal shop class - Lectures - workshop and concert hall. And finally, a Himalayan Infrared Sauna, Silence, Meditation, restaurants, homes and a gym. All this in a purely natural area with tennis courts, golf fields, kids area and Sun terrace. To "Re-Sources of the Ancient Sources LIFE" This health center is completely ecological and self-sufficient executed. Mterials like hemplime shells, green roofs, wood, etc. are very suitable.

Type:  Health centre
Status:  Design
Contractor:  n.b.                           
Advisors:  n.b.
Team member:   Nick van Dijke
   Daan Donkers

Non-residential building Utiliteitsbouw Study and concepts Studie en concepten Urban and regional planning Planologie