Van Laarhoven Combinatie Architects' team currently has four members, completed by one or two interns.



Huub van Laarhoven



Huub van Laarhoven (1951) can be found on the building site for almost 50 years. Being a carpenters son he got to know the business at a young age. After several years experience as a carpenter he started his own architectural office (1974). Then he decides to study architecture to become an architect. In 1983 he graduates from Delft University of Technology  (Architecture, Urban planning and Landscape).

To translate his ideas to feasible construction he has completed a contractors training in 1987. In 1993 he started a building and development bureau that has existed until 2000. After this he has focused on his office of architecture and specializes in healing architecture and use of healthy, ecological materials.






Nick van Dijke

Technical designer

Nick van Dijke (1992). After his graduation at the Avans university of applied sciences, Nick started as a technical draftsman at Van Laarhoven Combinatie Architecten. Here he provides the drawings of sketching up to and including working drawings. During this drawing process he makes technical descriptions, cost estimates and visualizations. and guided his interns. Apart from his technical drawing work he guides interns. Nick finds detailing renewable building systems (hemplime, straw, mycelium, etc.) the most interesting part of his work. In the future, he would like to develop himself more in architecture.





Tineke Wassink

Administration and education


Tineke Wassink (1956) studied Physical Education at Arhem and Art Teaching at Tilburg. Being a sculptor and artist with a background in education she establishes education within the office and supports the creative design proces.





Mirte van Laarhoven

Interior and Landscape

Mirte van Laarhoven (1986) started her master program in Landscape architecture this year at theAcademyofArchitectureinAmsterdam. Beforehand she finished her Bachelor Architectural Design at theGerritRietveldAcademy. During this time at theArtAcademyboth the fields of Landscape Architecture and Interior design formed her main study focus. In her exchange program at Pratt Institute,New York, nature in cities became more and more the main topic in both her life and study. Mirte her interest in extremes (in scale, material and conception) make her a multidimensional designer. In which her background in the arts contributes to her work as a landscape architect.